90min Kinesiology Session

What’s it all about?

Neurolinguistics Kinesiology is a holistic modality that relies on biofeedback. I tune into your body and ask your subconscious questions in relation to the particular issue that’s coming up for you.

This process is supportive and non-invasive. It gets to the core and underlying cause of what is really going on. It works on all areas of your body and life and allows us to gain a bigger picture of what’s happening.

What’s involved?

Every Kinesiology balance is different, so what may come up in one session may not come up in the next.

We are together for 90 minutes. (Either in my studio on the Gold Coast, Australia or online via Zoom). We will discuss and tune into your body’s emotions, belief systems and energy field in relation to your particular issues. We then will clear and balance


The investment for this 90 min kinesiology balance is $111, payment is by cash, direct debit or PayPal.

Schedule a quick chat with me now

If this is something that interests you for your daughter and its pulling on your heart strings you can contact me at serenakpdaly@gmail.com and I will gladly reply and answer any of your questions and we can also organise a time with you to have a quick 10-20 min chat about the whole process.

More options

If you feel that you are going to need more than one kinesiology balance, feel free to ask me about the packages that I have on offer and what is involved in them.