You are brave, you are strong, you are so worthy, you are seen, you are heard and you are loved. 

You have been hurt you have been torn apart by a man who you thought loved you in an unconditional way.

You left not knowing which way to go or what steps to take.

You took those steps anyway, one at a time with tears streaming down your face, a baby in your arms and children by your side, with only what you could grab in a bag on your back.

You ran because you had no other choice. If you stayed you wouldn’t even know if you would make it another day, week, month or year.

You are wounded, you are in pain, you have tears falling down your face almost every single day. You put on a brave face for your children and when your friends are around, you hold it all together. 

Your heart has broken into a million pieces and you don’t even know where to start to put it back together again.

And no matter what, you know there is going to be better days ahead of you and your children. 

It’s taken a lot to get you to where you are now.

I am proud of you for taking the steps you needed to take to get here.

One day at a time you will put yourself back together again.

You will return back to you, you will be whole once again. 

Love Serena