How long will it take you to step out of the victim mentality?

When do you choose to make that conscious choice to step out of that?

How long do you want to stay sitting in that pain, if it is no longer serving you?

I have been there and I know it is not an easy place or decision to make. I have seen my own struggles and I have seen my friends struggles with being a victim. 

What is that turning point where you make that decision to let go and allow the healing to take place? 

Do you wait to be called forward by someone or do you call yourself forward? 

How long do you want to sit in that pain, that is holding you back from all the magic and bliss that is to come?

 What are you willing to do to make the changes that are required of you to step out of being a victim and into the light? 

The decision that you make to let go of the pain and to move forward is a big decision and for each women it is different and it will take different amounts of time to step out of the victim mentality. 

On the other side of it there is clarity, lightness and freedom. 

This is me calling you forward, its time beautiful women to own your power, grace and strength. 

It’s time to step into the light, and allow the healing to happen. 

It’s time to step into your core essence and be you beautiful.

It’s time to step up and out of that pit of despair, distrust, bitterness and hate. 

It’s time to start trusting yourself and your decisions when it comes to men. 

It’s time to trust, to trust the universe and know that you are really supported in everything and in all ways. 

There is so much beauty and magic on the other side of this and I want you to really experience that in all ways, shapes and forms. 

It’s time to tear those walls down from around you that have been holding back.

It’s time to plant those seeds that you want to have bloom in the future. 

This is me calling you forward, this is me shining a light on it for you, this is me seeing you in all your beauty, gentleness and love, this is me hearing your cries for help, this is me reaching out and saying that it is all going to be ok. 

This is me saying that You are perfect, You are whole, You are complete and You are always evolving. 

Love your sister in this journey called life