The Bridge Experience Tribe

Last Month I spent 5 Days in the company of Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles, their guardians. 

I Attended there workshops The Bridge Experience and Extreme Leadership. I first met Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos at an event held by Emily Gallagher back in March 2017 and I said to myself that I would be doing both of their workshops as I felt an intuitive pull to do them in the future. This year was the year 20 months after meeting them for the first time. 

March 2017

I had absolutely no idea what I was stepping into when I walked into the room that first day for The Bridge Experience. I was a bit apprehensive, holding myself back and I was also extremely proud of myself for taking the steps that I needed to take to get myself there. At first I didn’t know anyone in the room that changed and I felt like I was meant to be there for a reason.  

That weekend I had many breakthroughs, breakdowns, aha moments, fun, so much dancing, laughter and I felt like I had found my tribe. One of the biggest breakthroughs that I had with the help of some amazing feedback that I received from my group The Pride. I realised that I had been playing to small and that I needed to let my Mother Fucking Warrior Queen out to play, by stepping more into my power. 

I have so many amazing memories from that weekend etched into my mind, body and soul. Those memories include impacting the lives of hundreds of people on the foreshore of Surfers Paradise Beach by giving hugs, affirmations and love, without anything expected back from those people in return. 

Extreme Leadership Tribe

Two weekends later I then followed it up with Extreme Leadership. Once again I was so ready for my life to be annihilated. I walked into that room with everything to offer and walked out of that room changed forever. Not only did we raise over $50,000 for an amazing cause I shifted so much shit out of my body. 

Over the three days of extreme I had a lot of breakthroughs and one of the biggest ones for me was that when I didn’t choose myself in one of the activities we did to me that meant that I wasn’t choosing my three little souls that I love so dearly. That night I went home and was in agony, the left side of my jaw and my teeth were killing me. That night I only got around two and a half hours of good sleep, the next morning I was still in a lot of pain and asked Erik if they had any pain killers, which he responded with no we don’t and its all energy and emotions which your body is working through. Which I already knew but didn’t want to acknowledge it in that moment. 


I than had a quick chat with Goddess Jaimee about it (Erik’s beautiful Queen) and she had me stand up to say Who I was which I responded with I’m a Mother Fucking Warrior Queen until i got it right without moving of any hands, heads or body. Rhys also walked in at that time and witnessed me say it for the last time and saw me in my Queen.

Another of the breakthroughs I had was that I was needing to come from my heart more and to be grounded in my warrior queen when speaking, sharing and being vulnerable. My group the Seen-aling-alings are the most amazing people to have come into my life and they all teach me so many amazing things about myself, them and life. 

On the other side with it now being two weeks since finishing Extreme Leadership I am finally now feeling ready to get my work done and sit down and create the dream life that I want to lead. I have so many amazing goals that I want to reach in the next year that my heart is bursting and I am finally feeling ready to get out there and work on them

So watch this space Serena 3.4 is ready.

Since extreme has now finished I am feeling ready to start, delving into my work, creating new content, programs, Kinesiology Packages and my dream life. 

Peace Out Lovers