I’m here to tell you, that you do.

There was a time in my life where I thought I didn’t have time for self-care. I was married, with three kids under the age of three, a husband who had chronic depression, a large house to take care of. I got a point in my life where I was severely adrenal fatigue and tired and something had to give.

I started of slowly with giving myself 5 mins a day where I would just enjoy being in my own company while the youngest was asleep.

What I learned from this stage of my life was that I was doing a disservice by not filling my cup first, I was giving from a very empty cup without giving myself the time to fill up that cup again. I also learned that when my cup was overflowing that I had so much more to give to the people who mean the world to me.

A lot has changed since those days that I mentioned above. I now take the time everyday to fill my cup first before I serve others.

Not only does serving from a depleted state lead to adrenal fatigue but it can also lead to:

  • burnout
  • a sense of losing yourself and who you are
  • a feeling of overwhelm
  • feeling stuck in the same cycle

Below is a list of five things that you can do if you have less than five minutes a day:

  • Focus on your heart space and your womb space, close your eyes and breathe until you feel calm and relaxed
  • Make yourself a nice warm cup of tea and drink it outside in the sunshine, preferably with your shoes off.
  • Put on your favourite lipstick and look at how beautiful you are in the mirror
  • Sit down in a comfy chair and be present while your watching your children play
  • Go for a walk in the garden and smell the flowers

Another list on five things you can do if you have less than ten minutes a day:

  • Go for a quick walk around your neighbourhood, leave your phone at home and just breathe
  • Do a ten minute Meditation just focusing on breathing and allowing the thoughts in your head to just float by on fluffy white clouds
  • If you have an animal, cuddle and pat that animal and lap up its attention
  • Read a few pages of that book that you haven’t had a chance to read
  • Do your makeup before taking the kids to school, even if your only going back home afterwards
  • Listen to a podcast while your doing some housework, bonus is the house work gets done and you get to listen to something that you like to listen to. Some of my go to podcasts are:

Another thing that you can do is schedule ahead of time if you know you need something that is going to fill your cup up a lot more than just the basic self-care practices I’ve mentioned above. This can be something like a massage that you can schedule in a month in advance. This bonus of doing it this way is it’s something that you can look forward to.

If your interested I have spaces available for Kinesiology balances over the next two weeks, these spaces are limited. One of the reasons why a Kinesiology balance would count as Self care is that you are taking the time out of your day to do something that will benefit you in the long run. As a balance will be able to help calm your nervous system, we can set up some goals for you to focus on that will allow you to gain more control over when you make the time for self-care and it will give you 90 minutes out of your day where the focus is put wholly on you and no one else.

If this is something you would like you can contact me serenakpdaly@gmail.com and we can organise an appointment for you.