In the last blog post about the workshop I held on the 22nd April I was talking about positive self-talk and self-love and the activity we did along with talking about those topics.¬†If you haven’t read part one of this post and you would like to read it you can find it here.

After we completed those activities and topics we started talking about friendships, I asked them a few different questions like these:

  • Who here has a best friend? Or a group of really close friends?
  • What are the 5 things that make you a good friend?
  • 5 things that you like about your friends

We talked about how friends can be someone that you know, like and trust and they know, like and trust you and how you can determine who a friends is and what they do to show you that they are your friends and how you show your friends that you are there for them. I read out this list below about what a friend does:

  • They help you with things that are difficult
  • Play with you
  • Comfort you
  • Share things with you
  • Be nice to you
  • Use kind words
  • Stand up for you

I asked the girls what are some things that a friend doesn’t do, and we came up with this list below:

  • Being bossy, telling you what to do
  • Ignoring you
  • Try to get you in trouble
  • Call you names
  • Hit/push/kick you
  • Make you cry

I than asked the girls if any of them had being bullied and they are put their hands up, so we talked about bullying prevention and what to do if they are being bullied, I also used the bruised and beautiful apples to talk about bullying.

We than moved onto the next two activities and they were friendship chains where we each wrote down what makes us a good friend

Below are what the girls wrote down:

  • Sienna, I think i’m a good friend because i’m kind, i’m fair and I share
  • Mack, I think I’m a good friend because i’m caring, nice, kind and help each other
  • Monique, I think i’m a good friend because I care, help, and I am friendly
  • Tegan, I think I am a good friend because I listen to what my friends have to say
  • Grace, I care for my friends the way they treat me. I play with my friends and don’t bully them
  • Charlize, Apologising – how you treat each other – using brave talk to stand up for each other – your classmates – What you do – Your teachers – what you say
  • Erin, I’m a good friend because I treat them the way I would treat anybody else
  • Charlotte, I am kind, I include my friends with what were playing, I care for them
  • Aimee, I’m a good friend because I don’t use Hands on
  • Bella, Kind, nice, sweet, care about others, I include and I don’t boss my friends
  • Eva, I care for my friends by listening to them
  • Ava, I’m a good friend by being caring and respectful and by being fair and honest
  • Annabel, I am a good friend by believing in my friends, being respectful, they can trust me

Each one of these girls brought up different things about why they are good friends, each one of the girls that attended my workshop were unique, different and prefect just the way they are. We then moved onto the last part of the friendship topic before lunch which was discussing what we can and can’t control. We discussed what we can control, like how you talk to someone else, loving yourself and others, working hard, how you treat other people, being kind and listening. We than talked about what you can’t control which were things like the weather, what other people do, the past, what other people think and what other people like and don’t like. After we completed this activity we than had lunch and the girls were aloud to sit and eat and burn of some energy.

After lunch we did our last activity which was talking about our strengths and doing a little vision board with what their strengths are, what they enjoy, what kind of person they want to be and who and what they love. They each wrote down different things and decorated the board however they wanted to.

As it was almost time to finish up I set up the Mandala for our closing circle, I placed the Animal Kin Oracle cards by The Fifth Element Life around the centre of the circle and guided the girls to choose a card which they all loved Grace loved the fact that she picked out the Deer card with its strength of Grace and she commented that the deer is one of her favourite animals. While we went around in the circle I asked them to state what was one thing that they learnt from the day. I also gave them a gift bag, with an essential oil blend, a card with a positive statement on it a rose quartz and amethyst crystals.

All in all I had a wonderful morning with all 13 of these girls and I myself learnt so much from them like how to believe in yourself, how to be yourself and to always have fun, laugh and play.

If you are interested in finding out more about the workshops that I run and would like to join the next one, or even for me to craft a workshop for your daughter and a group of friends please get in contact you can send me an email to

Like always have a beautiful blessed day

With Love and Light