On Sunday the 22nd April, I held my first workshop for tween girls. It was a beautiful morning spent with 13 girls aged 10 to 11 years old.

We started off the morning with an introduction and opening circle around a mandala, which was created by Sienna. We all choose a card from the ones that were sitting on the outside edge of the mandala and introduced ourselves and discussed what we thought our cards meant for each of us.

After the introductions and setting of the rules for the day, we moved onto our first activity which was for the girls to create an affirmation for themselves, that they could go back to and read out loud when they were to go back home. For those of you who don’t know what an affirmation is, it is an I am statement which can be something as simple as I AM GREAT. They are generally really short powerful statements which can help you be more conscious of your thoughts. They can be said aloud or you can think them.

Here are some of the Affirmations that the girls came up with for themselves, there were aloud to decorate them however they wanted and I love each and everyone of them because it shows how each girl is different and special in their own way.


Once we were completed with this activity the girls had a morning tea break, so they could have something to eat and run around to burn off some energy before coming back in.

After morning tea, we went onto our next activity which was some Kinesiology techniques, my intention with sharing these techniques was so that they could use them at home after the workshop. I took them through three simple techniques which I love to us myself and with my own children.

The first technique I shared was Cook’s Technique which can be used for those times when you are feeling funky or out of balance, or when you start to feel those first signs of anxiety. It can also be used when your feeling upset or angry. It also helps you to feel calm down and to feel more centred.


I than took them through two more Kinesiology techniques called Ear Acupressure, which is great for those moments when your mind is working over time, to many thoughts in your head, worries and when your money mind is chattering too much. It helps your ears to hear more clearly and to turn down the background noise.  The last one that I took them through was Emotional Stress Release (ESR), this one is great for when you have “butterflies” in your stomach and when you start to have the first signs of anxiety.

We then moved onto our next topic and activities which were based on Self-Love and Positive Self-Talk. I explained to them ways in which I love myself everyday which are to show myself compassion and being self-aware when my monkey mind is telling me things like i’m not good enough and that I can’t do something. I always stop and ask myself if those thoughts are true and explained to them that the answer is always no they aren’t true.

I then asked the girls what they thought it meant to love themselves and ways in which they could show themselves love.

Some of what they said was:

  • Saying positive words to yourself
  • Being kind to yourself
  • Spending time out in nature
  • Eating food that is healthy

I also shared this quote by Lucille Ball:

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world”

I also used the “Beautiful and Bruised Apple” discussion to discuss Positive Self-Talk. Which is were you bruise an apple up and use that as the bruised apple, which is where you are using Negative Self-Talk and it gives them a visual of what they would look like and how they would feel on the inside, when they aren’t using Positive Self-talk to talk to themselves. I cut open another apple to show them what their insides would look like and how they would feel, if they use the Positive Self-talk and the difference between the two apples was immense as you can see below in the photo. I also used this example to discuss bullying and how it affects the person who is being bullied.

After discussing Self-Love and Positive Self-Talk we moved onto the activity which was Self-Love Stones they each chose a positive word that they would like to use and wrote it on some stones that I had already prepared. We each discussed why we wrote down the words we did and

Some of the words the girls used on their stones were:

  • Believe
  • Just Believe
  • Stay happy and believe
  • Enjoy the journey
  • Dream Big
  • Be kind
  • Be yourself
  • Be Special
  • Be confident
  • Live, Love, Laugh

I’m going to leave this post here and continue it in part two which will be up next week.

Thank you for reading and if you would love to know more information about the workshops that I run you can contact me at serenakpdaly@gmail.com I am also happy to tailor make a workshop up for a groups off Tweens, Teens and Women. I also do individualised youth mentoring programs if that is something you would be interested in organising for your daughter you can contact me at the same email address.

Have a beautiful, soul nourishing day

Love Serena