Your journey to being you starts from within.

I’m here to support and guide you along the way.

Hi, I’m Serena Daly & I’m a NeuroLInguistics Kinesiologist, Counsellor and Youth Mentor, I have a passion for empowering you to move from being stuck and confused, to being more open and clear through supporting, guiding and holding space.

I specifically work with women, pre-teen girls and teenage girls who feel stuck in certain areas of their lives by working with their subconscious minds to bring forth and work with what their soul’s are asking them to clear and balance; in a way that is non-invasive, supportive and loving.

Where it all began:

I was born into a family of five girls, (yes I know what your thinking! Five girls how did your dad manage? He managed somehow…)

I was sent to a Christian school and went to church every weekend. At the time I loved it, but there was something deep down within me who knew there was more to life than what I was being taught in those environments.

I married at 22, to a man who I thought at the time was my soul mate, after 8 years and three children, I stepped away from our tumultuous relationship, to begin living a life that was more aligned to who I am.

This was the hardest decision of my life. I had hit the age of 30 and realised I no longer knew who I was. Yes I was a mum to three gorgeous children, a wife, and a homemaker.

But I didn’t know who I was, I wasn’t connected to my soul, I was stuck in an environment that did not support my whole being.

I took a huge leap and boy was it a huge leap, with only a knowing that I had to really get to know who I was deep down right in the core of my soul.

If you had meet me 3 years ago you would have met a woman who was just a shell of the woman I am today;

  • I didn’t have a big trust in the universe
  • I felt stuck
  • I was unsure of what my next steps would be
  • I didn’t know which directions to go in
  • I lost a lot of weight from the stress of separating from my then husband
  • I didn’t love myself
  • I struggled with self-doubt
  • I didn’t know how to support myself in my spiritual growth

Over the last 3 years I have studied, healed and grown in ways that I never thought possible and have gained skills that I love to use when working with clients

I now know and have been shown:

  • That the universe supports me
  • I feel free and open to the field of possibilities before me
  • I know which direction to go and once again I am guided in those directions by my guides and spiritual support team
  • I feel healthy and my weight has stabilised
  • I love myself in a way that I didn’t think was possible
  • I still struggle at times with self-doubt, but I now know how to move through it
  • I continuously support myself in ways that I feel guided to

I have a huge desire to support and guide you to be the best version of YOU, and for you to know that deep down you have everything that you need and desire right inside you. All you need to do to access it is to clear all the baggage that you no longer need.

This site is for people who want to be supported and guided to be completely who they are, young at heart, wild and free.

Some of my beloved pastimes:

  • I love to read a good book (or listen to a audio book), ¬†at the moment it’s “Autobiography of a Yogi”, “Earth is Hiring”, and “The Big Leap”. These are only a few of them, I have piles of books everywhere, which I love to read.
  • Walks along the beach
  • Hiking and getting back to nature, to ground and connect to mother earth.
  • A Latin Dance Class, at the moment its Kizomba, (which is really teaching me to trust, surrender and be lead which is a whole other ball game).
  • Singing along and dancing to music in my car, (I’m no pro but music is a way i can instantly change a bad mood)
  • Journaling, meditating, tuning into my highest self for guidance, conversing with my guides, playing with oracle card decks
  • Dance party’s with my three precious little souls in the kitchen or anywhere and everywhere
  • Being mum to my three precious little souls Madison, Rafi & Rami

If you would love to get in contact with me to find out more information about what I do and what packages and workshops that I have on offer you can contact me at or you can fill out the form below and I will be in contact with you as soon as possible.