What is Light Language and Light Codes?

Light Codes 

Light codes are high frequency images that hold a certain energy, when you use them in your spiritual practive they have the ability to guide you and assist you to move through whatever it is you are shifting through. 

They can be used in your daily practices to assist you in tuning into your own intuition even more. You can also have them tattooed onto your body as a way to work with the energy of the light code.  

In fact there are many different ways in which they can be used and they as they are the visual form of spoken light language. 

Light Language

Light language is the audio version of light codes, it is the audible frequency of light codes and I believe that it is the ways our souls originally communicated before we choose to become souls in a human body.

Light language can be quite powerful and it is one of my favourite ways to spend time with myself, to channel through the energy and frequency of it is such a beautiful experience.

The ways in which i use light lanaguage is to channel it through when I am working with a client in a kinesiology session it is always in combination with one of the kinesiology corrections that I use. I have seen huge shifts in my clients energy when I channel Light Language in a session with them it is like it is an instant change.