Serena is a personal empowerment leader,

Neuro Linguistics Kinesiologist,

Sacred Code Keeper,

and Light Body Activator,

Light Language Channeler,

and Light Code Channeler.


Some things that

I love to do are being in

service to the world around me,

supporting women, teenagers and children

to come home to their

hearts to their pure essence,

by removing anything that

is no longer serving them and their body. 

In my free time you will find me:

  •  Exploring nature, waterfalls, swimming holes, the beach and local parks

  •  Spending time with my three children

  • Being mum to my three kids who I love with all my heart

  • Getting my creative juices flowing by drawing, painting and having fun

  •  Reading books

  • Spending time with friends and family

Get in Contact

If you would love to have a chat to me about any of the offers I have for Kinesiology sessions, light code and light language channelling, you can email me at